Hotmail Sign Up

To create a new Hotmail account, you must hotmail.com. You will see that is forwarded to Outlook.com, Hotmail renewal.

There you will find, that to see on the ground, says "Do not have a Microsoft account? Register now" When the input is sent to complete a form to be added in the first place, the direction they want to use.

 The new addresses are already using the "@ outlook.com". You also need to let other personal data such as name, city, country, postal code, among others. One important thing to add your account name, the password is.

The password always advised to create a complete. This means that uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. In this way, your password will be harder to steal.

Hotmail Sign Up


  1. i have hotmail account but that not working properly

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    2. your hotmail acc not working right ? which fault code gave ?